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Strategic Planning and Administrative Consulting

Have a project that needs to be broken down into a manageable plan of action? Is planning your album release overwhelming? Or do you just need some advice on record keeping? And not the kind you're familiar with. So much paper!! 

We'll take a look at your big picture and work backwards to come up with a plan of action that fits your timeline and budget. 

First 30 minute consultation is FREE!  After that ... $50/hr

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Grant Writing

Are you embarking on a new project and need funding? Recording? Album release? Tour? 

Step 1. Make sure you got your basics up-to-date. That includes the following:

  • CV/resume

  • most current bio

  • most current promo photo (related to the project)

  • one sheet

  • music (lyrics, demos or recordings)

  • press and/or industry reviews

  • contact information

  • social media handles

Step 2. Let's chat. If you're missing some of the above or need assistance with it, no worries, that's what Hello Valeeshia is here for! 

Starting at $500